C2D Ducati Hypermotard Project

C2D went with a normal Hypermotard and turned into a work of art through hard effort and carefully picking the right parts and design of this machine. I like the matte black and glossy wheel combination and all the additives of the engine components from Speedymoto, he also went with the Quat-D ex-box exhaust which looks a bit stumpy but fits the design perfectly and has an interesting exhaust tone to it.

Link: Desmoworks

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  1. matte black always adds a mean look,, i have the same exhaust ;)

  2. Luke

    Can anyone tell where you get the tail section from??? I WANT ONE !!!!

  3. J.Viper

    Where can I buy this exhaust system?
    Can I buy it from Japan?

  4. Hey guys… We produce this tail section, in fact we are gearing up for re-tooling for a carbon piece. If anyone has interest in purchasing one of these tails please email me at [email protected]

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