iPod Touch Apps Switch Over

I have shifted my iTunes Library from the crappy PC to the CORE PC (iCore7 Processor), its been running perfectly dual screen and pushing all its processing power to the edge. Since shifting the library to this new PC its been going smoothly, I have synced all the videos and music to my iPod Classic and Nano 4G, when you sync it all the previous data gets erased so you have a fresh install.

Now the issue I am facing with the iPod Touch is the applications. I haven’t really figured out how to shift all the applications to the new computer, the free ones are simple enough but what about the applications that I have paid for, how do I go about shifting them?

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  1. FhD

    I think you have to register your new pc in itunes with your account (you have up to 5 machines to your account), then try and download them again .

  2. Mr. Anonymous

    Since you bought them using your iTunes account, then I guess you can simply login into your account from the iTunes installed on the new machine and download the applications, that you already purchased, for free (the apps are linked to your iTunes account).

  3. yousef alslaeh

    Drag n drop them from itune to ur disktop , then copy them to ur new pc.

    it worked with me ,even with the cacked app. just try ….

  4. jitaroo

    when you plug in your ipod on teh second computer , right click it on iTunes and click transfer purchases. Then the apps will be on your iTunes.

    I’m suprised you didn’t try to google this.

  5. FhD: That didn’t work, wanted me to purchase, and I didn’t want that!

    Mr.Anonymous: That didn’t really work when I tried it!

    Yousef: Thanks!

    jitaroo: That is what I was looking for! Honestly I was too busy to search and posting would have gotten me the solution, I’m going to try this out for sure! Thanks!

  6. buy them again using ur iPod, don’t worry u’ll not get charged.. it will disply a message saying that u already bought this app do u want to dowloud it again for free?
    Just click yes ;-)

  7. Bu Khaled

    i know what your going through:
    1st step you authorize the new computer (under store menu ).
    2nd step you can use Disk Aid to copy the apps folder in
    case something goes wrong.(http://www.digidna.net/diskaid/download.php)

    3rd when plug it in in it asks u to transfer purchased items its should transfer everything to pc due being Authorized.

    or you change your i tunes setting to save everything in 1 folder and copy this whole folder to the new pc, the i tunes must be configured to read from that folder as well, therefore it would think that the i tunes has not been changed and the data is still there..
    i hope this should solve the problem

  8. Bu Khaled

    oo ya sorry but TURN OFF the automatic synchronization. otherwise it would reset ur ipod

  9. jitaroo

    Bu Khaled, apps are treated completely differently by iTunes than music tracks, it has to be done this way for all the information to be retained by the iPod when the apps are moved and resynced.

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