I’m always looking for good photography shots, too see what others have done or the angles they take the shots. I came across these pictures and was amazed at how alive they are. I have to admit that I love Huskies, they are just amazing looking dogs and very friendly with beautiful eyes, I think thats what drew me to the pictures. Click the link for a lot more interesting pictures.

Link: BigPicture

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  1. Amazing pictures, but you also have amazing camel pictures :-) I cant remember which post was it, but it was some time ago and I loved the pictures

  2. My roommate has a husky and she is the friendliest doggy ever! My cat attacks her all the time and she just takes it. ooh I’ve never seen her bark or whatnot, although there are a few dogs around the complex that she just hates but even then 7adha friendly.

    So to make a long reply short, I <3 huskies too!

  3. Huskies think they are still the tiny little puppies they once were especially when they come and jump at you! They knock me down every time they see me! if i run away they chase me until i run out of breath! They drive me nuts, but i still love em!

  4. i love huskies .. absolutely gorgeous and the ones i have encountered are friendly and loving

  5. I agree – it’s always nice to see how others view a possible shot and from which angle. These are great examples.

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