Packing Up Quick

After an interesting week at the seminar, I spent most of the day chilling with some family. Its funny how many people I have seen in Dubai throughout the week. I think a lot of people didn’t leave Dubai since the boat show.

I managed to go check out Dubai Mall during the time I had free and one movie, I wanted to watch other movies but I was too damn tired to do move after a 12 hour day at the seminar. I managed to buy quiet a few books, since I would spend my spare time in the bookstore (Borders or Kinokuniya).

Now packing up and getting ready to head to the airport for the Wataniya flight back home, I’m looking forward to a chill Saturday at home.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Aziz

    eeee la7atht everyone fee dubai now especially since the boat show.
    How is Wataniya Airways? I heard that it was very easy because of the small airport and that the planes were nice too. Do you recommend it?

  2. Bissalamah…
    When will they open Borders in Kuwait? We’re also always buying books abroad!

  3. Aziz

    Eee wayid kuwaities are still in Dubai since the boat show..
    I’ve heard good things about Wataniya Airways especially the small terminal and how easy and simple it is to travel. Do you recomment it?
    Bisalama inshallah

  4. Neatly folded shirts! Nice!
    What books did you get?

  5. Purgatory

    They have kinokuniya!!

    Why do not you check Magrudy, they always have books the others do not.

  6. no it's not

    nice bag
    what brand is it ?

  7. Aziz: Wataniya Airways is great! You should take it whenever you are traveling! I really recommend it!

    Bu Yousef: Alah esalmik! They will never have open borders in Kuwait!

    B: lol! I just used it earlier! Most of everything is tidy!

    Purg: I went there! ITS HUGE! Never been to Magrudy!

    eshda3wa: Alah esalmich!

    no it’s not: Tumi bag! :)

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