Spotlight Desk

A simple very appealing piece of furniture, no complications with this desk. A desk like this would be in an area where I wouldn’t use my computer, some to write rather then have your computer sit on it. A desk like this makes me want to draw or write, or sit there with my laptop until the battery died. It would also need a cool chair to complement it. A large 58″ x 28″ to lay all your paperwork and items, I would have another desk as the computer desk and this is the brainstorming desk. 

Price: $500
Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I hate to spoil it – but that long piece would defnately be in the way of the shins

    Otherwise – I agree; very attractive.

  2. Bu Yousef: That all depends how you sit and I could already imagine having an ottoman on the other side so you can stretch your legs over it or just keep them behind it, not an issue really! lol

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