A Bat

Sometimes I think I’m going to pop the vein in my forehead when driving in Kuwait. There are drivers who have never been behind the wheel before leaning left or right, and these microbus drivers who act like they didn’t do anything wrong after leaning into your lane completely.

Women driving as if they are the only people on the road and are untouchables. The thing that drives me nuts are people on their mobile phones who are oblivious to the other cars around them. This one women hit a car today because she didn’t hit the brake and wanted to get something out of her bag next to her, I saw this next to me today, and it could have been avoided. The police that switch on their lights for no reason just to get ahead and then drive like normal. I basically want a baseball bat and beat these people senseless, or until I am satisfied.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    Why such a traditional method?

    Just get one of those lazer guns and shoot them into immobility or invisibility as you dash by on your bike!

    Driving in Kuwait is an adventure.

    Enjoy it :P

  2. And taxi drivers, ‘betweeners’, bus drivers, taxi drivers, taxi drivers, big trucks, concrete mixers, taxi drivers, oh and taxi drivers…

    Can I borrow that bat?

    Stay safe.

  3. What about the morons who drive at 20 kmh on Gulf road and delay everyone else behind them?

    I wish I had an unmarked H1 hummer to ram them into a sardine can…

    I share your pain and frustration.

  4. Anon

    what about the losers who think they are making a lame attempt at being Schumaker and think the road is their F****** race arena!

  5. Laialy_q8

    i stand by my opinion “women can’t drive”

  6. Taxi drivers are good people but generally too slow! I think they should just carry you on their back, or run around in a 2-wheeled cart (Like China ages ago)

  7. Don’t u guys notice that there are mainly two types of drivers nw a days; either ppl drive too fast or too slow !!

  8. What about those stuck in between the fast & slow?!

  9. White Taxis should be banished off the roads!

  10. Anon

    I think They should hire better drivers for taxis and ban Kuwwaiti women specifically from driving …they r the main trouble makers. i have witnessed not 1 …not 2 ..but 5 accidents because of them either they were adjustin their hijab…or smsing ..or too bz to notice there were other people driving with thyem on the same road..the list is endless…im not being a racist..jst stating facts..in the manner asia/foreign women r more aware and careful while driving ..i wouldnt say better but more careful!

  11. suspic

    Driving is very aggressive in Kuwait. Everyone’s trying to make record time to get from point A to B.

    In most cases I’m sitting next to someone filled with road rage while we’re on a night out heading out to dinner.

    Why so hurry?

  12. maryam

    LOL, let me get a bat too ;P

  13. That would be so satisfying.

    I want one too.

  14. uae girl

    hey guyz.. why are you complaining about Kuwait roads. i’ve been to Kuwait several times, and comparing Kuwait roads with Abu dhabi or Dubai roads & drivers, i would consider it the drivers heaven =)

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