Fighting: Trailer

Its not fight club but it is an interesting movie, Channing Tatum plays a guy out of money and luck, but he can throw a punch. Starting off with underground fights and rising to the top, the higher he goes the harder the fall. When there is organized underground fighting, there is money involved, lots of it. An action packed fighting movie, I’m looking forward to seeing this. 

Link: Apple

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fuck that ….. where’s fast&furious …..

  2. zahed

    i was in new york when they were shooting the movie, and i might appear in like 2sec of the movie hahahahaha widik.

  3. tartooob

    Looks like a good movie for fun, Marzouq Youtube links are much better and easier to watch [no need for quicktime]

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