TV Shows March 2009

I have gotten caught up with a lot of TV shows over the past couple of months. There are a lot of good shows and some shows I haven’t been able to watch since I got caught up with the others. Since I have managed to watch a lot of shows, I’m just going to write quick opinions about the shows, if you want more info you can click on the name to find out more information.

Current TV Shows – What I’m watching on a weekly basis

  • Fringe – Best of the new breed of shows, keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • 24 – Jack – No more needs to be said
  • Lie To Me – A great new show about a man who can tell if your lying from your facial expressions
  • The Mentalist – A man helping a federal agency with all the cases they face
  • The Unit – Special forces unit and this season is the best season of this show
  • Smallville – I am hooked on Smallvile and can’t wait for Clark to fly
  • 90210 – Drama in a Beverly Hills highschool, always fun
  • Burn Notice – A secret agent trying to piece together his life while stuck in Miami, action packed
  • Trust Me – Two guys in an advertising agency who always have to complete their tasks and facing competition internally and externally, pretty damn funny

Funny Shows:

  • The Big Bang Thoery – I laugh so much it hurts, really
  • 30 Rock – Alec Baldwin is hilarious
  • Chuck – Chuck just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, a very easy and light show to watch, and he has a bunch of funny guys he works with.

Back Burner: – Shows that I watch but I have them on pause for now

Pending Shows – Good shows I heard about but I have yet to see:

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I doubt Clark is going to fly… he sort of did a couple of times but that is all. We need a new super villian in the show ;/

  2. give us your anime picks i finished naruto and i want to start something new

  3. i just can’t find the time to watch shows anymore -_-

  4. arabianfox

    I Love Smallville! :P Erica Durance!

    How I Met Your Mother is the other…

  5. Rashisha

    IM JEALOUS lol thats weird hehehe im back to watching sex and the city i have not gotten any new shows or episodes sinnce ive been back from the states im DYING to see what happens on LOST -UGLY BETTY- Gossip Girl… I did finish the final Season of the L word and i must say I ahted how the show ends!!!

  6. Sami

    Have you watched Entourage?
    It’s the best damn show period

  7. friday night lights is a very good show …great actors great story.

  8. Lexicon

    entourage FTW

  9. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention 2 shows. Psych is a very funny show and entertaining show that reminds me of some 80’s and early 90’s sitcoms. Good acting. The other, which you MUST see, is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!! It’s absolutely hilarious and one of the most politically incorrect shows you can imagine. Seinfeld on crack, a group of misfits who own/run a bar and get themselves into all kinds of trouble. The funniest show out there.

  10. Battlestar Galactica finale aired March 21.

  11. just started downloading trust me
    and lie to me

    hope i like em

  12. Not Dead Yet

    Battlestar Galactica’s finale… i was speachless…brought me to tears…

  13. mashallah you watch a lot, I lost interest in shows a long time ago. I hope I get it back tho :/

  14. marzouq .. ur missing 2 shows .. entourage and the new very very funny series “worst week” .. check them out! :)

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