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Over the past couple of months I have been frequenting hospitals, sometimes in the ICU and other times in different wards. I don’t know how much longer Kuwait can go on like this without having a new hospital. All these hospitals just refurbishing the front of the building and taking donations for the wards on all the different floors. Amiri hospital has been fixing its wing for the past two years and the same thing for the elevator without any results, does it really take that long? I have to say that there are some really good doctors in the hospitals but you can even tell they are mistreated, and they bring in mediocre doctors from outside of Kuwait for the sake of quantity and on contract so they can use them as they please. The worst is the Ministry with their permits, there are private hospitals who want to get better equipment but they aren’t given the permit for it even though it is extremely beneficial for all people, I have heard of private institutions in Kuwait who works in government doctors to scan their patients at their facilities when its an important case or the wait is too long at the government facilities, an example is the MRI scanner, a private institution wants to pay for a high end MRI scanner but the government won’t let them for one reason or another except the same as their’s which is of lower quality, a high quality MRI scanner means better details and being able to see things clearer.

The nursing is another blunder which is appalling in Kuwait, the most important part of the successful surgery is the recovery which involves nursing and their is no adequate nurse training in Kuwait or advanced care.

I think all this frustration stems from what I have been dealing with as well as the cases I see in front of me when I am in the hospital. Most hospitals feel like military bunkers with tiny windows and are depressing in Kuwait. Politics takes a precedence over real medical care and you can see that clearly but for how much longer.

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  1. politics are killing Kuwait,, it’s involved in everything,, and everybody wants a piece of the cake

  2. last years budget was 90 Million KD for Medical instruments , However , we need new hospitals , no fake degrees !!!

    we need supervision , we need so many things ! the diabetes research centre for instance is standing there with minimum utilization , while ppl are dying of after surgery complications because of infection !

    kalamk e3awr el galb

  3. not impressed either

    you obviously haven’t been to the heart and chest hospital in the al-sabah medical complex

  4. Komsomol

    What do you expect when the Minister of Health has been switched around several times.

    And I don’t agree with your point with regards to doctors being brought in quantity. There are several pending cases with regards to doctors that are constantly being delayed by the Ministry for various reasons, they ask for accredited details of qualifications, recieve them and then turn around and ask for them again (this occurs several times). Eventually you find out that they basically lose them and ask for them again because they have no filing system at the Ministry.

    I know a department at a government hospital that has been trying to get more doctors and they are constantly dogged by the Ministry imposing ridiculous stipulations like that.

    Eventually you find out they are expecting a bribe of some sort. Because you see a Egyptian middle man able to get numerous doctors into the country quickly. For a fee.

  5. they really need to have like a 5 year plan in place and take some seriouse actions and steps ahead

  6. Komsomol,, the switch of many ministers of health is no excuse, a plan should be followed regardless who’s the minister, now where did that KD90 MM go? it’s a lot of money

  7. you can piss and moan like a hooker giving a golden shower and they still won’t change. Take it from me ……


  8. maryam

    I would demolish these institutes and start from scratch … Maybe “نفسية الدكاترة و الممرضين الخايسة” gets affected positively with the new improved surroundings!!

    I’ve had my shares and did my crazy screams but never forget to thank and smile to the nice ones :)

  9. Sabah maternity hospital is by far the worst hospital in Kuwait when it comes to hygiene and patient care. I’ve heard nurses take care of the whole delivery process if no complications happen and unless you plan to tip them they won’t help out after birth.

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