Blackberry Javelin @ a Glance

After having my Blackberry for a couple of weeks at this point, this is a simple evaluation of the Blackberry service and my phone the Blackberry 8900 Javelin. Overall I am happy that I made the switch at this point, I have got an excellent phone and majority of my friends already have it so its simple enough to ask a questions. I have a few essential applications but I’m not planning to install too many.


The Great Part

  • Bandwidth Optimization – You get connected very quickly and easily, this is without using the 3G network only EDGE for now
  • Overall Cost Reduction – Less calls just BBMs
  • Smooth Operating System – The system of the 8900 Javelin is stable and smooth, much better then the Bold which hangs often with people
  • Great Web Browsing
  • Synced with email – Gmail or otherwise, if you read it in your Blackberry then its read in your Inbox when you open the browser. Connection through IMAP which is setup manually rather then the automated setup which goes through POP
  • Instant and easy connectivity – Everything is updated without a headache, Weather, Google Latitude, Emails, and other things
  • The Battery is decent, compared to the Bold its a lot better. From what I’ve seen with friends the Bold doesn’t always last the whole day sometimes half way through you need to charge it. After about a full 12 hours of usage the Javelin is at about 25% – 30% of its power. This includes messaging all day, on the phone, web surfing, and taking pictures which isn’t too bad. The only thing is that you have to charge it through Mirco-USB


The Other Side

  • One things is that if you are trying to transmit too much data it doesn’t receive information right away such as sending multiple pictures through BBM, there are a few minutes there when you don’t receive anything but suddenly you get lots of BBMs which were pending
  • BBM – It is one reason to switch to Blackberry if you know enough people who have Blackberry’s and to my surprise I know more people then I thought who have BBs. But the bad part is that if you are used to the instant gratification of this communication system you really get annoyed when the system goes down. It happened once and I was surprised how annoyed I got at the damn phone, SMS just doesn’t cut it anymore

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. sir in my opinion iphone3G better than Blackberry Except the BBM

  2. Someone

    Cham makhthaa? o mn wain? ;)

  3. Nora

    min il ghanim, ib 298kd…

  4. rampurple

    welcome to our world… the real world… blackberry

    I fought so hard not to get one and ended up getting one a year ago. Now am hooked
    and oh BBM is amazing

  5. seso

    in it’s only 500 dollars .. means it’s 145 kd and it’s unlocked ..

  6. Someone

    they dont ship it to kuwait some kind of restriction.

    (We’re sorry. This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order by changing its quantity to 0 and clicking the update button below)

  7. Casttro: I would have to disagree! Qwerty > Touch Pad! Also bandwidth management on the phone is excellent!

    Someone: 190 KD from Khalid Bin Waleed Street!

    Nora: OLA! Thats too much!

    rampurple: I have to agree with you! I’m the same, I tried not getting it for so long, didn’t have reason before! Now I’m hooked to the damn thing!

    seso: Yup!

    Ananyah: hehehe!

    Someone: You can ship to an Aramex mailbox, that is what my friend did! I got too caught up in the moment to wait for it so I just bought it!

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