I always liked the design of BRM watches but recently I managed to check out a few, and I was surprised at the lack of quality of the straps. I still like the design but very disappointed with the quality, usually a watch maker chooses a nice plastic or leather strap to complement the watch, but their straps are very rigid and feel cheap.

The movement is floating inside the case with a rigid axis holding it in place. Its an interesting piece from BRM, the W44 id going for 4050€ and the W50 model for 4650€.

Link: WatchLuxus

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  1. When did you launch it hehe I thought it was supposed to be last night but yalla ham zain.. Ananyah did a great job hehe sorry to not have participated much :P

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  3. JuJu it didn’t show you because in your first comment you put a capital J in your email instead of a little j :P Therefor gravatar will not pick up your email address!

  4. congrats on the new layout.
    very cool looking, nice and simple.
    one thing I do miss though is the tags.

  5. KTDP: what tags? you mean the categories? if so, they are in a dropdown box in the sidebar

  6. @Ansam – Me too

    @Jacqui – Meshoo launched it last night! It was awesome! And she kept tweaking it as time went! She did most of the fixing before launching it! Don’t worry you have your hands full

    @Jacqui – Fixed it!

    @ananyah – I think its a cool watch too!

    @KTDP – The categories are their to the right!

    @ananyah – Told you to show them! U want it all nice and tidy! lol

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