Green Lantern: First Light HD

There have a lot of succesful animated movies such as Hulk vs Thor, The Invincible Ironman, Superman Doomsday, and lately Wonder Woman. I am huge fan of these animated movies, and at last they have stepped into the realm of the Lantern Core. A movie shall be made of Hal Jordan the Green Lantern, one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe, a man who accept the role as protector of earth with no fear. It is no surprise that this movie is slightly tied in timing to the close release of the blockbuster movie, but I am really looking forward to the animated movie, especially from this trailer.

Link: Cinematical

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  1. Cookie Monster

    This reminds me of the anime we used to watch when we were kids. I forgot the name. Group of young adults who were the guardians of earth and each had a ring that contained a different element: Earth, water, thunder…etc. I forgot the name…

  2. @Cookie Monster – Captain Planet! I hate that show! they were annoying! Please don’t compare the two! LOL

  3. Nice trailer ! I’ll check it out. I love watching the origins of super heroes and this is much awaited ! How’s hulk vs thor ? I’ve got to see that too.

  4. Nice, something to add to my watchlist. Lately, I can’t seem to find any really good new stuff. I’ve downloaded some of Lie To Me after reading about it on your blog, lets hope thats good.

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