Lazy – Need Telekinesis


Coming back home after a long day I want to sit in front of the computer watch Anime, surf online, catch up on some reading, and then look at the pile of books, magazines, and electronic items to the side. I’m keep thinking “if only the items can be organized in the way that I want it, and all the other rewiring done the way I know how but without me moving”. The only solution to this is telekinesis, because I can’t have anybody touching any of my things, I would honestly go mad if anyone moved my things, so I want to do them myself.

Simple tasks but they are all tied together:

  • Reorganizing Books
  • Removing Stereo, since I don’t think I have used it in over a year
  • Rewiring Network – I have a new setup in mind, hopefully this piece of equipment won’t fail
  • Reorganizing Shelves – So I find the appropriate area to place my new items

Some of these things have been sitting on the floor for over two months, I have been too lazy to think of where to start. Simply enough, I think I don’t know where to start because I want to do everything at once, which isn’t possible but I will have this unraveled at some point because its getting on my nerves.

(Fyi – For those who don’t know, Phoenix in the X-Men has Telekinetic Powers)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. maryam

    LOL, join the group! I’ve things sitting around also, and I hate it when people try and tidy my room, it has to be my way …

    Nice if one can actually have that power, very useful!

  2. Cookie Monster

    I’m better than the whole lot of you. I finished tidying up my room yesterday :D

    There’s a scene in Sleeping Beauty that I absolutely LOVE. The fairy Godmother witches hold the wands and point it at stuff in the room and – DING! – everything is in its right order. I must contact Harry Potter’s Express Delivery Service to order one of those wands for meself.

    Also, I read somewhere in a loony Metaphysical book that if you stare at things for a long long long time, they move. I tried it in a hospital’s waiting area once and it didn’t work.

    You can do it Marzouq!!! STARE!!! STARE!!! THEY’LL MOVE soon enough :PpP

  3. I have always wanted Telekinesis when I had my Desktop because it used to get so messy I wished I could go inside the computer and organize it. :s

  4. @maryam – Agreed, gotta do something my way!

    @Cookie Monster – I will get to my room soon, but staring takes to long! LOL

    @Jacqui – I think you can sort that! LOL

  5. LOL! I can sort things now that I am on my iMac, I can’t wait aslan to finally organize my iTunes Library! O files!!!

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