Dell Latitude E6500 – UnBoxing

It arrived exactly after three weeks in the lovely compact Dell box. I don’t think there is anything nicer then getting a new gadget and getting to tinker around with it. When I ordered from the person I gave the exact specifications but I didn’t say anything about the color, I assumed it would arrive black, to my surprise it was a dark red and I liked it.

Un-boxed it, pulled out the accessories first, happy to see the spare battery and all the other items. Checked all the CDs which were included, I always have the tendency to want to reinstall myself but Dell does a good job of not installing all the crap software HP & Sony.

I switched on the laptop and did the intial setup, got a clean machine to work with. I transfered all my files from my old laptop to an external hard drive and noted all the programs. First thing I do was install all the Microsoft updates directly from the Microsoft website with some of the optional items.

Program List:

  • VLC (video Playback)
  • Paint.NET (Free Photo Editing)
  • CCCP (Video Codecs)
  • Extract Now (Multiple File Extraction)
  • Teracopy (FileTransfer)
  • FileZilla (FTP)
  • Windows Home Server Connector

After initial use the laptop gets about 4 – 5 hours of battery time, after a couple of days of use. Even at the lower power setting I get about 5 hours and 48 minutes which I tried it out while traveling, and even at this setting it is playing back 720p with no issues what so ever, and 1080p plays at 90% with a few hang ups on battery power. Overall the laptop is fantastic, the build quality is great, and I am still putting it through it’s paces.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mabrook .. :)

    The color truly looks amazing ..

  2. Zahed

    shumaa for how much was it

  3. Mabrook Marzouq! I love the color :-)

  4. YM965

    That’s really surprising because just today I decided that im going to sell mine … its a 2.53Ghz 2 GB RAM
    its 2 slow
    Vista Sux ;/
    i might get a Macbook instead

    how much did u get it for

    & Mabrook, ya36eek 5airha 0o yakfeek sharha =d

  5. May I suggest 2 programs:
    – The GIMP
    – 7-zip

    Vista stinks. Good luck!

  6. Color looks hot, it’s aesthetically beautiful from the outside however the inner beauty lacks, the keyboard doesn’t look all that pretty but at least Dell has started making some cool looking laptops.

    Still hate them though ;)

  7. nirvana

    the specifications are amazing , and the color looks pretty cool! i use dell too , i wanted to buy a new laptop & try toshiba this time! congrats marzouq!
    and “MBH” , vista doesn’t suck , it just needs a strong PC! like marzouq’s :P

  8. a PC again !!??! and with Vista !???!!!

    Good luck.. and mabroook

  9. nirvana, you’re right; you need a strong PC like Marzouq’s which in the end will perform like my old Pentium3 machine :p

    Marzouq, since you have Vista business, I think you’re entitled to downgrade (upgrade?) to XP Professional.
    Dell should have the instructions on their website, but make sure they have the drivers for your laptop for XP before you proceed!

  10. tartooob

    Wow Excellent choice, Love the Classic design of the laptop .

  11. That really looks sleek and nicely constructed. For me it would’ve been even better if they’d done the keyboard like the ones in the Vaios and Macs. Nevertheless, Mabrook!

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