Eminem – We Made You

This is Eminem’s hilariously offensive brand new music video for his new single, “We Made You.” The song, produced by Dr. Dre, is the debut track from Em’s upcoming album, Relapse, due in stores and online May 15th. I’m just laughing throughout the whole video!

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  1. I saw it the other day and cracked up! It’s really catchy too lol!

    I thought Crack A Bottle was his debut single from his new album?

  2. @Ananyah – Pretty damn funny! That was just a leaked song, but not the debut song! This is from the Album!

  3. Venus

    Its funny but his voice got a tad bit annoying and at times very squeaky

  4. 3abdulla

    Man Eminem Rocks ;) I can’t stop laughing especially on the part of Jessica Simpson :p

  5. I know it was very funny when I saw it, I just laughed my head off whenever I saw any of the actresses hehehe although most of their things were dated a bit :P Soooo last couple of months ago :P

  6. Crack a bottle was his first official single , it hit #1 on iTunes when it was first released..

    Glad to know that you are an Eminem Fan.. Can’t wait for “Relaps” ” Before a self distruct” and Finally “Detox” to drop this year!!! . The three headed monster should really tear it up this year :-)

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