Bite @ Ninos

I was a fan of Ninos since it opened up on the seaside, I enjoyed their food but I hated it when it go crowded. I would usually try going to at odd times to enjoy the food and not feel its too cramped, I probably haven’t been to the seaside location for over 6 years now. Since the opening of Ninos in Avenues I have been going pretty consistently, at least once every two to three weeks.

The best part is that even though they have been open for a while, the quality of food has not degraded, it still tastes damn good. I still order my Veal Limone with a side of pasta, and when I’m done with that meal, it doesn’t feel to filling. For appetizers I do like the Buffalo Wrappers and Chicken Strips. I had my magazine with me that time while waiting for people to arrive, I’m the type that wants to order right away.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Daddyz Girl

    9a7teeen :D . Beeeh my god sij memories ayam nino LOOL. with the new trend of burgers& sushi joints going on bil Kuwait I guess we forgot about are old days favorite weekly spots .

  2. kuwaiti’s love trends ;)

    u should post more PICs

  3. bil 3afyaa,

    I love Ninos as well, best ceaser salad in q8!

  4. I love nino’s. order chicken cilantro soup next time. it’s very yummie

  5. I love nino’s and your right food still tastes great everytime.

    order chicken cilantro soup next time if you haven’t tried it. it’s very yummie

  6. 3leek bel 3afiya :D

    ya rabi the only rest. in Q8 ilee olah 3leeh min galb laman asafer is Nino…

    sha3ed shakhalee

    ihee khobzat latheethat
    ihee greek salad yummy (i put the greek salad 3la il khobz o asaweelee samoon)
    ihee ravioli? ihe nino pastaa? ihee mash potatooooo? ihee funghi pizza?
    o il giant mushroom!!! Ya salam 3la il giant mushrooooooom!!!!

    one of the top ten fav. rest. bel 3alam kilaah 3ndi Nino… o a7la shay laman fet7ooh bel avenues o outside seating…

    o il ajmal b3d?

    try a diet for two weeks, then go to avenues, lunch at ninos, then walk 10 steps for dessert in Chocolate Bar :D

    Hatha il damar il 7aqeeqee…

  7. ohhh 3alaik bel3afia… that what I order too, Veal Limone with linguine :-D

  8. hmmmm..yummmmy their caesers salad, chicken livers, mini burgers…stuffed mushrooms..raviolli pasta…and much more…:)) bil 3afya

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