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The Blackberry Lunch


I have found it to be the funniest thing, and it has happened to us a few times as well. There have been a few times when we have gone out to lunch or dinner, one person gets a BBM (Blackberry Message), then another person gets one, then the next. We spend the next 10 minutes bbming the person we are talking to in complete silence, and even sometimes we might be bbming in a group and even the people sitting together at the dining table are involved in the BBM group chat. This is damn addicting and you can notice others who are addicted to it. The one time Zains’ blackberry service went down, I was really really annoyed that I had to use sms to communicate with people, it felt so archaic and slow in comparison with BBM which gives you answer right away, and it so damn satisfying. I even get annoyed with those that don’t answer right away or are too slow to type. I think that BBM is an excellent feature, but sometimes you just have to put it down and enjoy what ever you are doing.