G-Power M6 Hurricane CS

G-Power really doesn’t know the meaning of ridiculous, in this case ridiculous power. With all the modified parts to this machine they have attained a powerful 740 bhp and 5490 lb-ft of torque. They made this M6 Hurricane CS with duo superchargers, revised suspension and aerodynamics. I’m not a fan of the color but that is one mean looking machine.

Roll Bars, Carbon fiber seats, carbon ceramic brakes, and so many other upgrades to this machine to help it attain the top speed of 230 mph. The funny part is that the G-Power rims are only rated for 211 mph which leaves a small gap for you to reach that phenomenal top speed, and all of this for only 390,000 Euros.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. Beautiful machine!
    not a big fan of the color but would definitely look gorgeous in navy blue.

  2. so damn good I want to lick it …..

  3. i second KTDP, and would start with the exhaust tips ;-)

  4. aaa5…shino hatha? This is what I call engineering. SICK!

  5. I like BMWs especially that i took a picture in a standard M6 doing 330 KM/H and i can prove it!

  6. Fuzz37

    5490 ft lb of torque? :P

  7. @Camil – Not a fan of the color either, but it does look mean!

    @jz – Very insane!

    @KTDP – Ur disgusting! LOL

    @Adrenaline – LOL! U too?

    @kwt23 – A beauty!

    @The Stig – very nice..

    @Salem – Seriously! lol

    @Fuzz37 – NASA Engines! lol

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