Classic Design Concepts Group 2 Widebody Challenger

Classic Design Concept or CDC took the Dodge challenger to another level. I always find the old muscle cars beautiful especially the ones which are well taken care of, but this machine is a little different. Dodge has made the new Challenger to resemble the old muscle cars with a new life. Its a true muscle car of the 21st century, especially with its tire shredding 575 bhp engine, thanks to the vortech supercharger. What I liked is that they didn’t just modify the engine, they improved it with a Big Brake Kit, Pirelli Pzero Rosso tires to match. Then they stiffened the suspension with some KW coil overs to lower the body roll and to help with the handling. I think its a beautiful machine and a real work of art made by CDC.

Base vehicle specs:
2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
5-Speed Automatic Transmission
Brilliant Black

CDC GROUP 2 Challenger Wide Body Kit
Package components Include

  • Right and Left Composite Front Fenders
  • Right and Left Composite “Billboard” Rear Quarter Panel Extensions
  • Front and Rear Inner Wheel Well Extensions
  • Aerodynamic Front Spoiler “Canards”
  • Unique CDC GROUP 2 Exterior Badging and Numbered Console Plaque

Options on GROUP 2:

  • Challenger R/T – SRT8 Functional Shaker System
  • Challenger RTM Composite Flat Hood

GROUP 2 Specific Wheel and Tire Package:

  • Rims – USW Forged “Crossover” w/Three Piece Construction and unique spacing. Front – 20″X 10″, Rear – 20″ X 11.5″
  • Tires – Pirelli PZero Rosso Front – P275/40ZR 20, Rear – P315/35ZR 20

Other Modifications:

  • Vortech Supercharger
  • KW Coilover Suspension
  • Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust
  • Baer Extreme Plus Brake System

Link: autoblog

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  1. beautiful exterior design, but i hate the interior.

    it kind of reminds me of Eleanor from gone in 60 seconds.

  2. punky

    Damn that’s a hot car!

  3. walla i like the direction they’re going with the latest american cars (vintage american muscle look), but american engineering 6aa7 min 3aini a couple of yrs ago.

  4. A.Albaz

    All that power on an automatic transmittion :(

    -Does dodge even make challengers with manual transmission?

  5. The Charger is the only innovative car lately in the US… At least from the design side.

    Beautiful pics of this muscle car.

  6. Even though the Camaro looks kinda hotter, I know this beast has got it all!! Veeryy nice!

  7. Corolla Man (AE86)

    I am loving this car, just the stock one looks good, so what if there is modification even better, Wish they have Manual tran and very sory to here about they campnay going to bust

  8. @O.K. – So hawt!

    @The Stallion – Wouldn’t buy it here!

    @Salem – 7adha!

    @Camil – I agree the interior is crap, but it takes a mindset to drive this car!

    @punky – Pure Muscle!

    @kwt23 – 6aa7 min 3ainy two decades ago, but enjoyable machines! The corvette is the exception!

    @A.Albaz – They make it manual!!

    @Bu Yousef – I think they did an amazing step with the design!

    @Zuno – I like that its available in manual for the SRT8!

    @Corolla Man (AE86) – Chapter 11 doesn’t mean bust!

  9. i own this exact car i bought from the man who built it off of ebay and it is a kick ass car deffintley woth the money its thiner than it looks

  10. spider man balls


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