Falafel & Company Soft Opening

A friend called me for the soft opening of Falafel & Company from the same owners of Slider Station and its right next to it too. I wasn’t that hungry and the place was packed, I ‘m not that much into falafels but they had everything else, I was happy to see the two shawarma machines running with beef on one and chicken on the other. There were some hot and spicy sandwiches being made, some really interesting creations, I took one bite from one sandwich and tried the other one sitting all by itself.

The sandwiches were amazing, what I loved was the fresh juices being served. I kept having the Apple juice, red apple to be exact it really hit the spot. The place isn’t that big you go pick up your food, and you have A LOT of choices for the types of sandwiches and salads, the best part about these sadwiches is the fresh breakd they use, its more like a saj that they cook first then they use for the sandwiches.

The design of the place is really cool, feels just right, you go in you get your sandwich you can stand outside and eat it or take it home. Its got a cool industrial funky style to it, and everyone was standing around talking and a few people were being introduced. I ran into Mark there and met the Buzberry guys, you could see people snapping away with the cameras.

Later I got a little hungry and ordered a plain beef shawarma, and to say its probably one of the tastiest I have had in Kuwait. It was just right, not greasy at all, tasted fresh and really hit the spot. Can’t wait for the grand opening in a week or two, now I have another choice for food when I want to chill and watch a movie at home.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


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  2. Looks like almost all Kuwait based bloggers were there tonight :P
    Let us know when they open, I have a sudden craving for a felafel :D

  3. Jeena

    woowwww il piczzz looks amazing .. 3alikom bl3afyaah!! … cant wait for the opening !

  4. it looks like a stag meeting to me! hahaha

  5. The design is very amusing! ;p

  6. Purgatory

    OK in English its fine, but in Arabic sounds like a Law firm ;p

    Heard there will be a falafel union soon too.

  7. بوصلوح


  8. Manoura

    Shakla nice.. bas u didn’t rate it ;P

  9. laish mako banat?

    I see some gulfrun faces ;p

  10. pearls thats why I said stag meeting hehehehe

  11. It amazes me how you get all these pictures. I try to think about the conversation that preceeds the snapshots:

    “Can I go in the kitchen?”


    “The Kitchen…can I enter the kitchen”

    “Um…sure…but we can bring the food to your table”


  12. xeonali

    beef or lamb shawerma ?

  13. biggie27

    OMG THE SHAWARMA WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD, im still dreaming of it……I need it man im addicted!!!!!

  14. @Mathai – I think in about two weeks time! I was surprised too!

    @Jeena – Alah e3afeech!! Its worth waiting for!

    @Ansam – LOL! Females were next door at Slider Station!

    @FAH-Buzberry – Thanks!

    @pretty-gene – U will enjoy it!

    @Zuno – Yeah its fun!

    @Purgatory – LOOOOL!

    @بوصلوح – <Very!

    @Maze – It tasted damn good!

    @Manoura – It was a soft opening but the food was amazing! Rating later on!

    @Maze – I know!

    @pearls – A few GR faces! hehe! U can even see the GR Tshirts! lol! The girls were next door at Slider Station!

    @Ansam – LOL

    @q80saracen – LOL! They didn’t mind me snapping away!

  15. wow…this place looks amazing….cant wait to try it out!!! and nice photography marzouq :)

  16. 3awafi,,,
    Looks like a nicely deorated place.
    Great shots Marzouq.

  17. afraah

    bel 3afia

  18. Xtreme

    Where is it located ? =)

  19. Omar

    Next to slider station

  20. Me

    Do they offer delivery?

  21. Me

    Yum its soo appealing,Do they offer delivery?

  22. B.B

    where in kuwait is falafel co

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