Review: Flip MinoHD

I got my Flip MinoHD a while back now but I didn’t have a chance to really use it except a little recently. The box is nice and compact, comes with a few wires, a pouch, and the manual. The camera is smaller then I expected, its smaller then my Blackberry 8900, fits very nicely in my hand. Switched it on and it has some very simple settings, and you pretty much point and record right away. It records at 720p video which you can connect to your computer through USB, the USB connector is built into the Flip MinoHD, its at the top and flips out, then you connect it to your computer to either take the videos or charge it, to charge the Flip you also connect it to the USB.

It has very simple operations when recording, you just have one big red button to record and point in the direction that you want. There is a simple built-in software which I used to create the test video below. The sound recorded quality is excellent and so it the video quality, if you are looking for a simple point and shoot video camera for under $200 then this is the perfect camera. I was looking to use a camera to mount to my bikes while riding and mount it to the car while driving to make some fun videos, and it really did the job. You can do edit the video insert any effects but that must be done in something like Adobe Premiere.

  • Holds 60 minutes of HD-quality video (1280 x 720 resolution at 30 frames per second; 16:9 widescreen) on 4 GB of built-in memory
  • Weighs only 3.3 ounces, sleek design, fits into your pocket or purse
  • Features one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Flip-out USB arm plugs directly into your computer to launch built-in FlipShare software
  • FlipShare software lets you save and organize your videos, simple editing, make movie, email, or upload online

Flip MinioHD Test from Marzouq on Vimeo.

I honestly think they did a great job with this camera targeting a specific usage for it. I do think there is room for improvement but I gave it high marks because of the video quality I kept getting and sound capture, and overall extreme ease of use. Now you can the Flip UltraHD which does a little bit more for the same price, so I would go for this one at this point.

Price: $199
Link: Amazon

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. saw this clip yesterday,, it has uber quality

  2. Wow, the video looks amazing. But why 4GB Hard Drive? Its so small, especially for someone who’s traveling and won’t head back to his hotel (computer) until after after dark. Any room for extra memory?

  3. Q80 In Denver

    aaaaaah 7a6ait eedik 3ala el jar7! :p

    I just came from the U.S, and this had me going CRAZY! I was doing a comprising between this, the flip ultra HD and Kodak Zr1 .. Each had good points and bad points .. the colors on the flip mino hd is more realistic while the Kodak is a little bit yellowish but still awesome .. The sound is much better on the kodak than the Mino .. the LCD screen is much much bigger on the kodak .. the kodak captures pictures at the same time while the flip don’t .. the flip records 60 Min of HD while the Kodak records almost 4 hours .. aaah I have a headache! :p the Kodak is much cheaper than the flip mino .. the mino is smaller than the kodak in matter of size .. and the list goes on, and so far I have no Idea which one is better! :/ Anyway I bought the Kodak and to be honest, It’s amazing!

  4. Q80 In Denver

    I don’t know where I came up with Zr1 :p I meant Zi6 :p

  5. biking stills is a bore…looking forward to some action videos ;-)

  6. Looking forward to more nice videos….

    btw This was filmed five minutes from my house. Next time stop for coffee :)

  7. Sin

    so…great camera and stuff, but is that a 599 GTB? ;p

  8. wow the quality is much better then i expected.

  9. any idea if any of the above mentioned cameras is available in Kuwait (flip or kodak)? I’ve been looking for this sort of video camera

  10. Q80 In Denver


    Good Question! :p to be honest I have never seen it yet .. Both are available on Amazon

  11. Q80 In Denver


    I think both pretty much the same except, the Zi6 works better in sound + better in low light than the Zx1 .. that’s it! :) so u can’t go wrong with both! :)

  12. Q80 In Denver

    one more thing.. I think the Zx1 is a better designed camera .. what I hate with Zi6 is the Look .. it looks like a cheap camera :/ but don’t judge a book from its cover as they say :p

  13. then its going to be Zi6 :)
    Thanks a lot.

  14. @vampire – Thanks!

    @q80saracen – I think its pretty good, it holds about 60 minutes, then you can transfer straight to your computer, its a simple push button operated HD video camera

    @Q80 In Denver – LOL! ZR1! hehehe! I think you have the Corvette in mind, both cameras are excellent but for me the Flip had great and simple form for my use!

    @Adrenaline – That will happen in due time, I think we are out of this season, its pretty hot but I have a few things in mind.

    @Bu Yousef – I will keep that in mind to stop by! hehehe! Its a very nice road!

    @Sin – Wala maaadry! lol

    @Mark – Same here, turned out pretty good!

    @CreativeForces – I don’t think they are available in Kuwait, just order it from Amazone!

    @Q80 In Denver – Yup!

    @Frankom – Never tried it really!

    @Q80 In Denver – U seemed to have tried them! lol

    @Frankom – Let us know how the video quality is!

  15. Q80 In Denver

    Anytime dude :p

    LoL te6anaz ha hehehe :p I’ve got my hands on all of them ;p

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