Review: Angels & Demons

Another one of Dan Browns’ amazing stories has been turned into a movie, the first one was a great movie but could have been better. This time around I think Ron Haword did an amazing job with the storyline and keeping it as close as possible to the book as possible when it comes to all the clues and people, the storyline doesn’t feel split up at all, its just one continuous adventure with one big surprise after another. This time around I didn’t feel that Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) was the only main character you also had Vittoria Vetra the scientist who is also piecing things together, and another character who has to deal with what is going on in the Vatican, Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (Ewan McGregor). The movie has its unexpected twist and turns, keeps you on your toes, and you get a glimpse of the history and life of Vatican City. Its not just about the clues, its action paced as well with so much going on in all parts of the city, I didn’t even know the Swiss Guard had so much jurisdiction in Italy. I really recommend this movie, but I’m assuming if watched in Kuwait it will be really chopped up because it has so many religious references.

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  1. I can’t wait to watch it!
    I loved the book

  2. Surprisingly the movie wasnt so badly butchered in the theaters here. If they wanted to cut out the relegious references they would have cut more than 50% :P

  3. i love the book too much to ruin it by watching the movie

  4. Q80 In Denver

    Didn’t like the first one .. Same goes for the second .. I’m sorry I hate movies making religious issues the main thing in the movie! where is the fun in that seriously!

  5. Q80 In Denver

    By the way Marzouq .. I went to Terminator Salvation tonight and the action is like watching “call of duty” on film :p Great popcorn flick!

  6. tartooob

    Marzouq, YOU Have, I repeat YOU HAVE TO WATCH TERMINATOR, my god its amazing :)

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