A Real Ninja

Who doesn’t want to be a ninja or at least have skills of a ninja. I think this man has skills that surpass any ninja, he is bouncing of walls, flipping through the air, doing impossible and dangerous moves. The video pretty much speaks for himself, his coordination and agility, plus everything else is pretty amazing.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ISF-MAN (ALD)

    hahaha that was awesome!

    bes la7ith shloon me7ed bil gym ma36ee weyh haha :P

  2. he’s just a gymnist free styling.

  3. im jealous, wish my mom had sent me to that ninja school she promised me if i tanazalt 3an celebrating the rest of my birthdays till i was 18, which is when i would graduate. if only.

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