Kingston DataTraveler USB

Kingston are always making those jumps in USB Storage. Now they have 128 GB, 64 GB, and 32 GB with the smaller ones costing $213 and $120 respectivaely. I’m assuming the cost of a 128 GB stick is a little more then a netbook laptop.

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. 128 GB flash drives? Damn technology is just too fast.

  2. I guess we won’t need to buy hard discs anymore, we’ll just buy two of those and Voillà we’ll have multiple storage devices ! small and comfortable to use !

    Go tech !

  3. i am getting one of these!

  4. tartooob

    Its nice but way too expensive, totally not worth it, just hold your pockets for a while and you will see every company releasing the 128 GB

  5. S.K

    dude where can I get the “datatraveler200 128gb” in k-town?

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