The Landcruiser Switch

After 10 faithful years I have switched to the new Landcruiser VX, I have been a faithful driver of the Landcruiser for 10 years at this point and my Landcruiser has held on strong and it has been the perfect car for all situations and managing to take a beating without so much as squeak from the car. I have to say that I do drive hard but I take to its maintenance schedule and change all the parts necessary. But now I have change cars to the new Landcruiser and I have pretty much all that I wanted except for a manual car instead of an automatic and this is due to Toyota’s belt tightening scheme with very little modified orders, you can only ask for so many specific items and if the dealers want something very specific they have to have a minimum order of 250 cars before making a change to their manufacturing line.

The first thing I did as soon as I got the car was take to Huper Optik in Al Rai for a nice semi-dark tint to go with the color of the car and a nice big GulfRun sticker on the rear tire. After trying out multiple tint places across Kuwait and really checking out the real heat protection and putting it to the test, I was surprised that the results didn’t match what these places quoted and Llumar was really doing a lot false advertising and I would avoid Ibtikar, VKool and Zeibart are decent but Huper Optik turned out to be the best and their tint is ceramic not metallic such as all the other tinting companies. Two reasons I went with Huper Optik there resistance to heat was the highest by far and the tint doesn’t interfere with the GPS strength. I’m going to go into a detailed post about tinting in Kuwait at a later point.

I have to say that I am very happy with the new Landcruiser, after 5000 + KMs on the odometer it really does have everything. If you are looking for a fast SUV then this is not it, but if you are looking for roomy, comfortable, solid handling, powerful, amazing sound, reliability, great air conditioning and aggressive looks then this car is for you. I asked for the rear tire option as I don’t like the under carriage tire option so with that option I lost out on have a back up camera and extra sensors, but my old land cruiser didn’t have a back up camera or sensors until very late in its age so I could live without it. I went for a dark grey interior and exterior with the dark tint I think it looks pretty good. Three main improvements over the 99-2007 Landcruiser, the gearing is smoother and peppier, the suspension is much better handling, the brakes a world of differences it really stops because they are all disc brakes now not drum brakes, the interior is roomier and the sound system is nice unlike the old one. Two points which were a bit annoying the engine is the 4.7 Liter and not the 5.7 Liter which is available in the US and the new Lexus LX 570 so its the same engine the older model but they have geared it right with a lot more torque, there is no iPod integration because Japan considers it to be a luxury option which shouldn’t be in the Landcruiser. Other then that I have to say that I am extremely happy with the Landcruiser and love driving it every day, plus I have the remote start which cools the car before I get into it and it has work from 10 floors up in a building but steel structures can get in the way sometimes.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. BuJassem

    Should have waited, the 2010 Land Cruiser has an engine upgrade, it comes with a 4.6-litre V8 dual VVT-i engine produces 318 hp at 5600 rpm and 460 Nm at 3400 rpm, mated to a new 6-speed automatic. The current one 4.7-litre makes 288 hp and 445 Nm of torque, with a 5-speed auto.

  2. DBX 09

    Mabrook! but Nissan Patrol all the Way!!!

  3. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Love the color and the tire mounted in the back, need to change my LC 100 to the LC 200
    sticking to the same color that I have on the LC 100 similar to yours, maybe coping your style the color and the tire mounting. But not the same spec maybe getting the V8 Twin Turbo Diesel with minor tweeks with a chip to get the torque and the horse power to out take the Gas LC 200 and pull my AE86 on trailer to BIC.

  4. Congrats man,, ya36eek khaira we kafeek sharra,, etkasra bel 3afya enshala,, u got the best color,, same as my jeep ;)

    i test rode the V8 land cruiser and i liked it a lot! would opt for a manual tranny though

    r u selling your old one?

  5. Laialy_q8

    I guess a ‘Mabrook’ is in order here ^_^

  6. FJ Bruiser

    Corolla Man (AE86) is not getting a Diesel LC get the facts straight.

  7. yikez

    Love the new land cruiser! mabrook man .. i’m seriously thinking of getting one soon. After reading ur post, looks like it’s gona be sooner then later!

  8. Bo Saleh

    Congratulation, ya3teek kheraa o yakfeek sharraa inshallah … o allah e3eenaa :P

  9. Mabrook.. whats the price??

  10. Hello new Land Cruiser

  11. M

    Welcome to the club Marzouq! excellent choice!
    I didn’t know that alsayer have Land Cruiser with rear spare tire (3allag 3ala golat ekhwana il Qatarians) :P .. minna w fee wela customized for you? cham il farg?

    w mabrook w 3asa alah ya36ek khaira w yakfek sharra

  12. KB

    Looks awesome. Sweet ride, you’ll love it.

  13. JassQ8

    mabrook man ya36ek 5erha oo yakfek sharha inshallah .

    i have the 2003 and they are the best SUV’s money can buy.

  14. I visited Al Sayer few days back and they didnt have the one with the rear tyre. Did you special order yours?

    Mabrook :)

  15. I visited Al Sayer few days back and they didn’t have the one with the rear Tyre. Did you special order yours?

    Mabrook :)

  16. az4iz

    Is your LandCruiser for sale??

  17. Yousef

    Does this apply for the VX-R too? You can’t order the iPod kit from the dealer?

    Is there an official word yet about land cruiser 2010? changes/availability/pricing ..etc

  18. TI3GIB

    لاندكروزر الجديدة

    مسخرة الأرض

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