Lie To Me

After 13 episodes it was a peak of an ending, Dr. Lightmen has the ability to read people’s facial expressions and body language to tell if they are lying or telling the truth. From episode to episode each story is unique in showing how his skills manage to unravel the problems that he faces from person to person. The ending is pretty good in pointing out there will be more to come. This is one those unique shows that I think anyone will enjoy, and if you haven’t started watching it then you should.

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  1. I watched the first 2 episodes when it first came out but never really got hooked, but I had 24, lost, prison break and Boston Public to kill my time. but might give it a try after your review.

    Have you seen Burn Notice? for me, it must be the best summer show ever. Its in its 3rd season I think, and Royal Pains is nice too (you’ve already talked about I know).

  2. yikez

    Royal Pains 3ajeeb!

  3. punky

    I just met Tim Roth on my vacation and took a pic with him!

  4. 3baid

    the show is awesome bas 7asafa its on break

  5. Sick show. Everyone who likes House-like drama must watch this!

  6. well, Tim Roth is a cool jew.. but his screen name is Dr Lightman.. anyway i seen all 13 episodes.. and i think the acting is great. it’s also very scientific.. i love it..

  7. Q80 In Denver

    Ha chena 6e3tnee oo shefta :p

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