Pending Pile Up

There are those times you just look at a pile of items and you think to yourself that you will never get to it. I have been looking at this pile of books and comic books for the past 2 months and I have never really gotten around to organizing and sorting them, one of the annoyances is that I will find out that my Transformer comic book collection is incomplete.

Cleaning up some of my unused hardware and getting rid of the broken ones has been a step forward, I have helped liberate some areas for more models. Thats my problem the more space I make the more items keep popping up. I want an area for my rare original Iron Man bust, but I really have to find the right location for it and out of reach of the kids. I have the same problem with books that I do with anime, whenever I finish a good one I don’t know what to start next, so many different genres to choose from.

  • Cleaning Up Laptop Bags
  • Organize Books & Comics
  • Just one big pile on my couch that I need to sort through
  • Dismantling Bunker-Server (WHS Server)
  • Put together Rack Server, and installing Vista Business 64-Bit, test VM Ware on it
  • Get rid of things that I’m not using and clean up
  • Consolidate Pictures into the WHS Server, but that will take a long time to do

I have one filled up Amazon cart with a selection of books, dvds, and a few tech items which I have been keeping on the back burner for some time now. I have this urge to hit the purchase button and wait for those deliveries which probably won’t arrive before Ramadan at the rate these deliveries are going.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. memo

    man, you should get married , better than this crab :)

  2. Good luck to getting around and doing it!

    My list keeps getting longer and longer

  3. Organize Books & Comics is a killer i have a ile of comics that still not opened yet and heff everyday i just look at them and say ok so when am gonna sort them out :p

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