Netgear Readynas 3200

Netgear announced the addition of a new, high-density network storage system to its award-winning family of ReadyNAS products for SMBs.Netgear 24TB network storage system for SMBs with the ReadyNAS 3200 is a 2U 12-bay unified storage platform that provides up to 24 terabytes in a single system.

I have always been a fan of the ReadyNAS product line and that was even before Netgear purchased the company, and luckily Netgear has only improved on the product but I still think there is some room for improvement. They mention that this is a new 24 TB 2U 12-bay storage platform, meaning that they are using 2TB Hard Drives to reach this amount but on their Hard Drive support page they do not support the 2TB drives, and when you look to purchase it, it isn’t available yet but the other units are but I’m looking forward to their solution because it will apply to all their product lines. Now for this machine, I think that it is one amazing product and looking forward to seeing some of the reviews, but you don’t get all this techi goodness without a nice juicy starting price of $4000 and thats for the 6 TB unit. As you know you can buy the low end one and buy the hard drives separately and perform the upgrade as you know can be a lot cheaper. As I said before, you can never have too much storage space.

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  1. Can you give the contacts of any vendors for NetGear Ready NAS is Kuwait!

  2. I own a ReadyNAS 3200 with 12 TB and we have had it for 3 weeks now. It looks like the product was rushed to market; since there is still a lot of issues. However, for a home user or small implementation a lot of issues would not be visible. iSCSI actually seems a tad faster than NFS shares.

    However, Im a corporate user needing NAS, since Im out of space on my SAN. There are issues with AD ldap integration, support and web site says the limit for iSCSI targets is 2 TB, but I’m running with a 5.5 TB iSCSI target, cant rename the box/hostname yet, Tier 2 support still hasnt called me back and it has been 2.5 weeks, support mechanisms are not geared up to support their new product, which is very frustrating. But overall, there is hope for this product; hopefully it will mature in 6-8 months

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