MINI Coupe Concept

Now this is the Mini Coupe Concept that is supposed to debut in Frankfurt in September, I wonder if its going to be going into production. The previous shots looked like computer generated but these shots look really good, I really like the shape of the car, the best part is seeing the manual inside the car. Now I’m curious about the details of the engine, I hope its going to be as fast as it looks.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. haha now thats cute!

  2. Nolan G

    That’s sick.

  3. From what ive read online its gonna maintain the 1.6L Turbo I4, great engine… It should give a power:weight just as sweet as the current one, im wondering how the aerodynamics will affect it’s performance. I hope they put it into production, it seems to clean for a concept not to go into production, and nothing about it would make BMW hesitant to push its production. Wouldnt mind a 2.0L-I4 either…

    What do you think?

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