Apple iPod Announcement: Sept 9th

Apple will be making an announcement about their iPods on 9th of September. Now we will see if they will be making the 64 GB rumored iPod Touch and whats going to happen to the classic. Apple always have to leave something up their sleeve with their product line, they never like being out of the lime light or out of the rumor mill for too long.

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  1. yeah it will be interesting to see what surprises they have this time around, they never seem to disappoint.

  2. I think one of the announcements is the new capacity iPod Touch with camera (seen the pics all around the net and I think they look genuine) and maybe the new processor.

    But for the rest is I have no idea.

  3. Acai Force

    I have Apple i-touch 16Gb, now it seems more tempting to have 64Gb…can’t resist to have another one!!Lets wait for the surprise.

  4. My prediction is that apple would announce new features on the iPods (Eg camera’s and processor speeds for the iPod Touch) , The Classic ipod might be discontinued or beefing up its total capacity.

    Camera’s are rumored to be added to all the iPod line (Shuffle exempted due to size and no screen) . In addition to the introduction of the new iTunes 9 with the addition of a social network like feature… now this is going to be something to look for! :-)

  5. You gotta be kidding me! I already added the 32GB, 2nd generation, to my shopping basket!!!
    I’m still buying it unless the new one will have better options, other than the size factor. 64GB is just too much me I guess.

  6. I’m not holding my breath this time around!

  7. Miss good egg ,

    its going to be the same price

    why pay the same the amount when you get more for it ?

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