iPod Touch – New App Download List

I think Apple has gotten flooded with tons of Apps that you don’t really know the good from the bad and which one exactly fits your need and the rating system is too simple for how complex some of these applications can be. I have managed to find some apps that I will be downloading, some are games which I really want to try and some are useful apps for my use, this isn’t even including the ones I currently have, I wish they would get Google Latitude already loaded as an app.

  • NFL Mobile (Down side is you have to be a Direct TV subscriber with the sport package, but I want an NFL App so I’m gonna try it out)
  • Need for Speed: Undercover
  • Blades of Fury
  • Madden NFL 10
  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm

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  1. but thats what makes the app store so much ahead of their competitors. even with all the regulations and banning of apps, they are still hands downs the best apps store on any platform. and yes, you gotta love google latitude.

  2. Even with all the tight regulations and banning of apps,the itunes apps store is way ahead of the competition . And yeah Google latitude is a great app.

  3. N

    theres an app thats really close to BBM ! its called WhatsApp.

    Just connect to the internet, and talk to anyone with an iphone.

    Dont know if it works for ipod touch though.

  4. Akbar

    I dont know, my iPod is lying in the same position for two years now, out grew it I guess.

    Are you out of town or busy shopping for Eid? =)

  5. Marzouq, you are a gaming freak

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