Review: District 9

An extraterrestrial race forced to live in slum-like conditions on Earth suddenly finds a kindred spirit in a government agent that is exposed to their biotechnology.

There has been a lot of talk about this movie, and it is well deserved, my hat goes off to the director Neill Blomkamp for making this movie. There is a cliche part to it in the science fiction genre, but they manage to humanize the experience of these aliens and you can relate to them. I won’t ruin the movie with any spoilers, except that it turned out to be even better then I expected and it left me thinking of certain possibilities. There were a lot of humorous parts and some well done action packed scenes, I wouldn’t mind trying out some alien weaponery but I think that everyone should go see this movie.

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  1. plastique

    It was pretty obvious they wanted us to relate , to think about racism blah blah and other social problems but it was too much in your face. I was like i get it i get it slums , calling the aliens prawns , crime etc.

    It was too preachy.

  2. Been looking for an HD rip, but didn’t find. I’ll stick with the SD. Read good reviews and yours just adds up.

  3. bader

    i watched it last week, excellent movie and highly recommended for sci-fi fans

  4. Halahal

    was a really good movie..can’t wait for “District 10”..

  5. I have to agree with you, just shows you how greedy and nasty humans can be…..

    but at the same time there was love,action and comedy all in all i give it 9.5/10 i saw it at the movie theaters and the acting and screenplay together with the storyline and the hovering alien spaceship was exceptional!

  6. Teeman

    “There is a cliche part to it in the science fiction genre”
    how and in what way?

  7. rossoneri91

    i enjoyed it but the ending was way too sad :(

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