Night Ride @ 38C

It has been too long since I have taken a ride out at any point in time, the heat came with those sand storms and very strange weather. It made riding nearly impossible with zero visibility, and lucky for me I came back to the perfect weather, or the beginning of it at least. I can’t believe how nice the weather is early in the morning or after sunset. I came back from work a little annoyed with a few things on my plate and I decided to get a shave and take a ride to unwind.

Before taking my impromptu trip I called up TriStar and asked them to service all the machines, after I took off they came a few days later took the KTM RC8, Ducati 1098s, and BMW K1200R for a full service and check up. They changed the from discs and pads on the RC8 under warranty, they changed the rear tire of the K1200R, changed the oil and filters of all the machines, they changed the battery of the RC8 and 1098s, the chains were adjusted, cleaned and oiled. All three machines were run on the dyno to test it out. Got them all ready for riding season.

I changed from my dishdasha to my riding gear, and damn that felt really good, I’m just a little over weight and that requires adjustment. I had my playlist ready with music topped up on my iPod Nano. And I took off to Salmiya and later on drove down the GulfRoad to Miseela and then back home. It was just the perfect ride, I was in sync with my machine but I have to get my skills back up to par, I felt something was a little off with me and not the Ducati. I need to regain my sense of balance with this machine, I was one very happy rider, I caught myself a few times smiling while riding and listening to the music. The cool breeze was perfect even with the engine boiling my leg a little bit, these Italians knew what they were doing when they built this machine, so much passion, I felt like it was an animal that is happy to be out of its cage. I’m really happy that the weather is cooling down earlier this year, I will be doing some late night or early morning riding for the next couple of weeks, damn I missed riding.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Hey Marzouq, I know… awesome weather! Yesterday at Fajr the temp. reading in the car showed 28°C!

    Why not organize a little group-ride? Need not be specially for Friday or something but even an hour’s ride on weekday evenings with 4-5 people is also enough. PLEASE arrange!

    I’ve been riding for 2 years but all alone :(

  2. Kuwaity

    That’s very nice. During the Eid Holiday I prepared my Benelli after almost one year of no riding. I found that the battery is dead, its 4 years old, try to recharge it but no success so I bought new one and found that the removing/installation of the battery is really Italian! you need to remove the rear lights, arrows, plate, both seats and rear crawl to remove the old one and install a fresh battery. It took about 30 mins to make it ready to fire up the triple engine. After giving it some serious revs, I let it cool down and prepare it for a oil change, wash, lubrication and tire pressure inspection.

    I even prepared my bicycle. Again, tire pressure, chain lube, and changed the LEDs batteries and its ready to burn some calories.

    Welcome back two wheels….

  3. how about a ride to Julai’a this week? Tues/Wed?!

  4. ” I felt like it was an animal that is happy to be out of its cage. ” looool You do have a funny way of showing how you feel – I must give you that.

    Enjoy the upcoming riding season :)

  5. Laialy_q8

    looking hot, the bike I mean :p

  6. KuwaitQ

    Love your bike… realized you haven’t changed or extended your side mirrors,
    How do you cope?

  7. KuwaitQ

    Cant get enough of that bike.. i realized you haven’t changed or extended your side mirrors,
    How do you cope?

  8. KuwaitQ

    BikerDude77… i Hope your not the person that makes those sick clips

  9. KuwaitQ

  10. Sweet ride! There’s something that’s always special about Ducati’s!

  11. Nolan Gaudreau

    Dude, my friends and I rented motorcycles in Peru and rode them around the countryside. It was so sick.

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