Graham Prix: Brawn GP

Each F1 team has a Watch line, such as Ferrari has Panerai and McLaren has TAG Heuer, and it shouldn’t be any different for the leading team in F1. Brawn GP has teamed up with Graham from London to come up with a few unique pieces which match the team’s neon yellow accents and a very sporty look.

I’m a huge fan of Graham watches, since they have a very solid feel. I have a Chronofighter and it is a very solid watch which looks good and is still very rugged. Now they are making two lines for Brawn GP, one is the Chronofighter line and the other is the Silverstone, both will be 47mm steel cases which is pretty big and they are limited to 250 units. I haven’t seen the pricing for it yet, but I’m hoping for something reasonable.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. Don’t know much about watches, even though I like them a lot… never heard of the brand Graham but I like the ruggedness and design simplicity of the Brawn GP collection.

  2. yeah its not bad at all, it seems brawn want to stay around for a while as major players in F1.

  3. SteamBoat

    Unfortunately there are only 250 of these made,,, called the dealer here today and they said they might order one still awaiting there reply

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