Review: The Lost Symbol

The Dan Brown books are all getting hyped up after the success of the Da Vinci Code, then the release of the movies, they all got caught up in the hype. I was one person who preordered the booked months before its release on Amazon, my expectations were extremely high but they were not met. I took my time reading this book and enjoying it, it had its moments. You get a real view of the Freemasons, what they believe in, what they do, and what secrets they hold. Robert Langdon is dragged into another mystery, he is trying to figure out the mysteries as events are taking place and people are dying. Things were taken step by step, the funny part is that I was imagining Tom Hanks the whole time when reading this book, you get caught up in an interesting way, but you don’t get pulled into the story as you do the other books. There are books that engage you and you can’t put down, this didn’t achieve that like its predecessors, it was an entertaining book and a fun read but the story just had too much fluff, some parts were unnecessary and could’ve been done without. Overall I wasn’t bad, but I had high hopes, even the ending was a bit of a disappointment, but I’m crossing my fingers for the next one.

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  1. I only read Da vinci code. It was amazing, I didn’t read the other ones.
    Now I’m reading the strain, a great vampire story from an amazing director Guillermo del Toro.

  2. i couldn’t agree more!

  3. It’s a coincidence how I just put down the book then saw this post! I’m on chapter 22 I think.

  4. i read some of his books and beside Robert, i still believe everything the same . he just take another mystery or people, but you know the plot till the end with his books and seems i’m not wrong about this book. i thinl i will keep it aside till i finish the rest of my books :)

  5. As a fan of Brown’s novels.. I’m resisting getting this book till I finish the ones I already have. Such reviews are making it easier lol.

  6. I agree — it wasn’t a “can’t put it down” book. I thought all the info on Freemasons and Noetic Science and the power of group thought (as talked about, according to Brown, in “The Intention Experiment”) pretty interesting. Some of the experiments she’s done, showing that “group mind” can make seeds sprout and grow up to twice as fast as normal and lower the violence in a war-torn area are fascinating. It’s kind of like proof of the theories that Brown (and the Katherine character) outline in “Lost Symbol” — that intention has the power to change the world.

    So I guess I found some of the side roads I went on more interesting than the main highway!

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