Girls & Their Cars

There are a few cars that girls like and this one tops the list, most first cars that girls purchase out of college or during collage even is a Range Rover. I’m not exactly sure as to the reason why girls love this car, but they do some damage with it when they driving since it is a big car and some throw it around. Every girl has found the right spot for her make up or bag inside the car with lots of space, and some girls do look good in the car. I still don’t understand the relationship between women and this car, its as if its the automatic first choice for most girls. I’m not a fan of the Range Rover, its too plasticky for me, the dash is too far from you, and it feels like parts come apart at the seams.

Now this has been an interesting machine over the years, Aston Martin has improved their vehicle line up and now they have the Rapide coming up. Every girl’s dream car is the Aston Martin, the DB9 is preferred on that list. I always thought that a loud machine such as that wouldn’t be appealing to a girl but surprisingly lots of girls want this car, I would think they would want a Ferrari or a Maserati but I was completely wrong, girls talk about this car as if its the top of the list. I do like the cars but I think the dealership in Kuwait is a disaster, but girls only care about the car and they do love this one.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I love my current car, but you are right – somehow! Aston Martin is also a car I like, Range Rover is okay and I see it fitting more for a male… Oh and I love Maserati! But then again, I love my current car just fine :-D

  2. Laziale

    I love the Maserati , as a married man i tell you why girls like Rovers and Aston’s cause they don’t have to go to the dealer and see the maintenance bill . We do :$

  3. VirusX

    I agree with you about the Range Rover but for the Aston Martin .. mmmm .. just maybe!

  4. maryam

    well I like Cadillacs :P But when buying a car, I look at affordable prices, good KM on fuel, maintenance, life span, etc.

  5. range rover, can we say yekh! growing up I wanted a Jeeb Wrangler then after being in the states I wanted a Mustang then I wantched transformers and wanted a Camaro. Funny is I just purchased my first real car and ended up with a BMW hahaha! I blame my brother and top gear

  6. Absolutely true. I just do not get The Range Rover phenomena. The other car I noticed that’s a big hit here with ladies is the Jag XKR – actually all Jags..

  7. Ahhh true.. Sounds like 2 people i know

    But i was never the type of “girl” who loved or wanted the “Range Rover”, I still love my “old” car and it would take for the world to end for me to change it :)

  8. I agree with “Laziale” I bet you once the girls start paying there own maintenance bills, trust me there whole prespective would change :)))

  9. biggie27

    you forgot porsche…..every girl wants a porsche

  10. I think the majority of girls drive are drawn to Porsches,Range Rovers, and these days it seems the G Wagon by Mercedes. The Aston is appealing due to it’s sexy looks and most probably cause it was being displayed at Villa Moda lol (just kidding ladies).

  11. Mohammed

    The dealer has been changed. Its way much better now..

  12. Kuwaity

    All are nice cars, but still there is no reason to buy an SUV for everyday use.

    My wife wanted a Cayanne (its with her now) but once she saw the Panamera, she felt in love! I feel better now, no SUV :p

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