24 -Season 8

I’m getting worked up for 24, things seems to be getting interesting. The new backdrop is the United Nations which is different then previous shots which were mostly American Government backdrops. Now a few of the cast half fallen off the grid, but there are a few new cast members, seems its going to be interesting. I posted about the 24 Season 8 Trailer previously but this also adds to the mix, what exactly is going to unfold, does this picture mean anything, the flags, or is just a picture. With 24 you never know what they might have up their sleeves, I just want it to start already.

24, Season 8 Cast — (L-R): John Boyd, Katee Sackhoff, Mykelti Williamson, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Annie Wersching, Kiefer Sutherland, Anil Kapoor, Cherry Jones and Chris Diamantopoulos.

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  1. is it ok to use the term “hit the spot” as a male ?

    doesn’t it refer to the g-spot and when it get “hit” –> orgasm ?

    i am just sayin’ ?!

    could be my dirty mind :)

  2. Cannot wait for the new season to Kick… Ughhhhh!

  3. Rollin Hand

    Season 8 cannot get here fast enough!

    Yes – want some ACTION (getting tired of football) and

    we want them to follow up with last year:

    1. Jack – Renee
    2. Find out more about who the conspirators are working to bring down Pres Taylor
    3. See Freddie Prinze Jr: will he end up as a sucessor to Jack………or just some more

    chopped meat

    like “Agent Larry” was last season.

  4. @mishref – Completely ok, and you are male.. its a given that you have a dirty mind..

    @Mathai – Seriously Can’t!

    @G-Funk – Hell yeah!

    @Rollin Hand – Chopped meat would be preferable!

  5. Nathan

    I listened to an interview with Kiefer at Comic-Con and he said this season will have some tension between the US president and the president of Iran.. kinda like in real life haha

  6. Nathan

    Actually now that I think about it, doesn’t 24 usually make up fake names for countries where terrorists are from.. like last season with Sangala?

    I can’t remember, but I think this would be the first time a real country is used to be an enemy in 24 (that is, if they really use Iran).

  7. Rollin Hand

    They have said they will use a fake name. My favorite fake name is “Kreplachistan”….as used in the Austin Powers’ /Mike Myers movies.

    Mr Marzouk: Freddie Prinze Jr was waaayyy cute in the 1997(?) movie, “She’s All That.” He was everybody’s dreamboat High School Boyfriend….so smart, so handsome, yet also kind and sensitive.

    Pbviously a complete fantasy. But now, as a ‘grown up’ we expect

    COLE ORTIZ…..former U.S.Marine

    and Jack Bauer wannabe…….to be: smart, cute, incredibly brave–willing to sacrifice all. Probably he will end up as chopped meat by the end of the Season anyway.

    CAN’T WAIT for Season 8!!!

    PS (I can already tell that Katee Sackoff is going to annoy me. I am stocking up on extra cases of Guinness Draft — can tell I will need it.)

  8. I’ve watches lost, prison break, heroes and a bunch of comedy sitcoms. I guess I bet on the wrong horse! Must see 24 and I want to start from season 1, that’s 192 hours! :-P

  9. @MYK: I started watching 24 in 2006 after my bro recommended it and now after 7 seasons I cant get enough ;)

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