Wimmer RS VW GTI

I have always been a fan of the VW GTI & R32, they just perfected the compact car. Its fun, agile, great around the corners but I feel that they were too conservative with the power, so hear comes Wimmer RS to spice things up a bit.

20 inch Rims, lower stance, and adjustable coilovers is all you see on the outside. This sleeper car is something to be afraid, its something I have always hope for from VW, but came out of Wimmer RS tunig to make this beast of a machine. From stock 211 bhp to a screaming 386 bhp and 336 ft-lb of torque. A daily use car that rip the roads to shred and do some damage on the track, I’m mind trying this car out for a bit.

Link: autoblog

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  1. Kuwaity

    This one will be nice without stickers.

    I was always between the Older GTI and the R32 but non is perfect, the new Golf “R” is just perfect with VAG turbo engine with 4-motion which makes it just perfect for me.

  2. GTI’s were the first pocket rockets. It’s great that VW has maintained the car’s character (to a certain degree) till this day. Sort of like Porsche with the 911.

  3. ahhhh i cant tell you all how much i am happy to finally find people in Kuwait who appreciate the VW Golf. in Egypt this car is considered something really really big, Cairo streets are always full of traffic and big cars aint something recommended at all .there for GOLF was just like a prayer answer for young people.can any body pls help me as am searching for a R32 in Kuwait to buy,i have a GOLF 4 2 litter and as you know its amazing but HP is not that impressive

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