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I paid my bill on the 2nd of December, and now it is the Friday 18th of December, I get a text message warning form Zain. It was zeroed on the 2nd of December, and we aren’t even close to the end of the month, and I get the warning of disconnection from Zain. They show no appreciation for customer loyalty, they don’t watch for customer consistency, and at least this time I got a warning that I will get disconnected in the next 7 days, even though it is a Friday I can pay some time during the week. The bill is around 182 KD which isn’t out of the ordinary in my case when I have times that I travel a lot, there have been times where it has been a lot more, I have called and complained that they disconnect without consistency, and they say it’s the system and I know that this system only applies to certain people but what about others, I know that it isn’t applying to them. They don’t show any appreciation for customers that consistently pay on a timely basis, and they randomly disconnect, I have never been able to understand their pattern.

At this point I am only stuck with my number that I have had for a very long time, changing it is a huge hassle for me so I’m stuck with Zain. The moment you can switch operators and keep your number I think Zain will be the biggest loser, they have recommended for people to keep my card on the bill but I have known that Zain does sometimes overcharge its customers and drastic amounts, times when mistakes were made, and it takes a long time to get your money back from Zain then to clear it up right then and there, so giving them my card details it out of the question. So with Zain a person’s track record means nothing to them, you would think with so much information that they have on their customers that they would do a better job of maintaining their customers, they have no idea that people only stay with Zain because the annoyance of changing numbers.

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  1. just wait for the operators switching and keeping your number, I’ve been a loyal customer for.. ages to zain, then i switched to wataniya which is an amazing contrast..

  2. Q8y

    i travel all the times too. i had my zain line for more than 15 years and i always over pay and shut up about it because i don’t want to change my number. but they pushed me to disconnect my line when they screwed me over with 1000 kd penalty for bb roaming. i didn’t even know there was a penalty. i paid and i switched to wataniya. smartest thing i ever done in my life.

    i messaged all my contacts my new number, called important places like car dealerships and gave them my new number as well. entire thing took less than an hour. don’t waste your money on a company that works hard on stealing money.

  3. Glen

    I hate Zain so much. They suck. I recently got myself a Wataniya connection and first m gonna shift my BB connection over.

    They disconnect lines even with notification.

    I heard starting from next year u will be alowed to move operators keeping the same number.

  4. M3T4L

    When I first came here to Kuwait several years ago, I got myself an mtc line in the first couple of days, and DUMPED it just a week later for a Wataniya one. That shows how much I think lowly of their services. Biggest reason back then was the technical support who knew nothing technical ! I mean they didn’t understand what I meant by sms delivery reports !! wtf !! (I am not so sure if they still don’t have sms delivery reports in Zain or what).

    I am now with Viva and loving it :)

  5. akbar

    Ask your company to get you a corporate connection mate if your trips are mostly business related :-)

  6. I used to use Zain for a really long time. Now, Wataniya all the way!

  7. How can they send an SMS bill 10 days after i paid the last one? they always do this – they should wait 30 days before sending any bill – i end up paying bills twice or three times a month sometimes and its a hassle – id rather pay ONCE month

  8. Laziale

    I had Zain line for 12 years , and i had it with them and canceld my contract for ever … Zain customer service called me and offerd me 20 nice numbers to choose from and free internet for 3 months ! but i refused . wataniya is wayyy better in billing and customer service . get a wataniya line and send your number to all your contacts and say bye bye to Zain . life will be better !

  9. i agree with you all ,
    Zain has really no respect what so ever for loyal clients…

    i am always having a FIGHT on the phone with thier call center regarding the DATA line and about these provocative SMS they send regarding the bill …

    i suggest you switch to VIVA.. their Network is built to handle 3G perfectly ,thats why alot of people who have older mobiles suffer from connection..but not my case

  10. :-)

    If you setup your billing system with a roof amount as a criteria for disconnections people will complain …

    If you set up the disconnection in a timely basis people will also complain, they say why didn’t our operators notify us of our growing bills ? :-)

    er’9aa2 el kel ‘3aya la todrak oo implementing an intelligent system is too expensive for the financial reports ;-)

    btw you should always check the roaming tariffs before traveling because it’s the biggest cash cow for any operator, if your operator won’t screw you then the roaming country operator will definitely screw you over with charges …

  11. Zain are becoming pain in the ass!

  12. 7aggane

    It’s so funny how you guys try to make money. Take Frankom, one of the commenters up there, if you go to his/her blog, you’ll find a Wataniya Ad. What’s worse is that my comment is going to be deleted.
    Cheating never works.

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