Tetsujin 28 – Trailer

The story’s hero is little Shotaro Kaneda, whose scientist father dies after spending his life building the ultimate weapon, a giant robot. After his passing, the robot is then given to the son, who uses it exactly the way you or I would: to fight crime and other evil robots.

Now this I wasn’t expecting, a T28 animated movie by the makers of Ghost in the Shell and Sky Crawlers. This is going to be fantastic, and the trailer looks fantastic, I could see Ox in it too. This is going to be bring back good memories, which kid doesn’t want a big robot to control via remote control, this time the controls are smaller.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yeah i’ve seen that and it’s cool, but i’m not sure if it’s official or not, coz it’s been there for a while..

  2. I hope this movie comes out soon and is not some fan made trailer. btw did you see the latest Docomo ad with Tetsujin? :)

  3. The M Code

    As always, they had to Americanize the main character and the voice acting can’t get any worse. *sigh*

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