Burj Khalifa

Now Dubai started off 2010 with a bang, with the renaming of Burj Dubai to Burj Khalifa, making it the new image of Dubai. You have to hand it to them even with the downturn they are facing that they still made a huge show of this. The fountain was fantastic, its the same company that did the fountain for the Las Vegas hotel in Bellagio. The funny part is that they did not release the exact height of it until the launch of the building yesterday, at 828 meters it is the tallest building in the world. They are also planning ahead that if anyone trys to build one taller then them they have a crane up top to build more floors if they need to, to stay the tallest building.

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  1. krishna

    One thing with Dubai;They Think Big – They Aim Big – They Achieve Big – A testimony to their Rulers Vision – A person with a clear & concrete mission – surely this is the 8th wonder of the world – eager to see what next from Dubai – we know they are unstoppable.

  2. I think the name change was quite an interesting move.

  3. hate the new name, rather to use the old one….Dubai get loans to fund their real-estate industries then they ask abo dhabi and Qatar for loans to pay fot the first loan…I think they should find a way to pay their 80 billion debut….Viva Dubai.

  4. Quite ironic that Dubai names its “triumph” tower after Abu Dhabi’s ruler. More peculiar is the fact that Sheikh Khalifa wasn’t between the thousands of people who attended the opening ceremony!

  5. Akbar

    I wonder how bad is that human spider man itching to climb this one. Bet he must already be training hard to climb Burj…Itching his back against the wall PinkPanther style (If anyone remembers that toon where he has a flea in his fur and ends up shaving all of it!! :})

  6. J

    What an amazing engineering feat. It’s interesting that they could also build more floors, i would imagine the wind speeds at that altitude would make it very hard if not impossible :P

  7. jewaira

    amazing sight

    I would not like to be stuck up there in an emergency situation though

  8. tartooob

    @ radiant: Dubai didn’t take any loans from Qatar and never will, Abu Dhabi paid everything and we are one country, UAE ?

    @ Alpha: No one knew that it would’ve been renamed and his brothers were their & also all the rulers of the other emirates.

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