Fantastic Fan Made War Machine Suit

I have been saying I want an Iron Man suit for the longest time, but looks like one fan went ahead and made his own War Machine suit from the initial spy releases of the images. At first I thought these were promo images from the movie, but turns out this is a real suit made by a fan, its fantastic and looks as good as the movie.

Even Jon Farveau the director of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 loved the suit so much he tweeted about it, the proportions of the suit is fantastic. Anthony Le did an amazing and realistic job of the War Machine suit.

Link: GeekTyrant

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  1. Akbar

    Its a low fat version of the real deal…

  2. me7sin

    nerdy chic magnet…id so wear one, but only for when the films release and hype is still fresh though ;p

  3. cool!
    Didn’t you check out the link for the Mark-3 suit that I sent you earlier? I think they still accept orders.

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