Google Nexus One – The Review

The Great

  • Android 2.1 is more refined, works smoothly
  • Amazing 3.7inch OLED Screen
  • Powerful CPU, the Nexus One is a fast phone
  • Excellent quality sound
  • Fantastic 5.1 Megapixel Camera
  • Interaction with all Google Services (Gmail, Latitude, Google Voice, Google Reader, Picasa, and others) is fantastic, its smooth and updates right away.

The Good

  • Android Market Applications have built up over the past year and a bit, even though some need some more refining before hitting the market
  • Very Good Quality Build
  • Smooth design, and relatively thin, fits nicely in your hands but I keep hearing that it doesn’t take kindly to drops
  • Decent phone signal

The Crap:

  • Battery doesn’t even last the whole day, it makes it 75% through the day I use the phone a lot
  • No Multitouch
  • No Arabic Support, expecting it soon
  • Speaker is ridiculously low and the ringer speaker is on the low side too, but you can hear the ringer clearly, I still have to get used to the new ringer
  • Slow charging Battery


I think they have made great progress with all the Google Phones and I am enjoying using it. So much you can do with the data and configure this phone, this phone is for people who really like customizing how their phone works and how it presents the data to you. The interaction between all the programs with data being downloaded to the phone is very fast and smooth, I have 3G switched off and its still very smooth. The best part is surfing online with Flash working perfectly, it presents websites very well and smooth. All this information can be customized, the home screen can be customized, I like how much you can tweak it and move things around, the different widgets, and how easy it is to get to the settings page and tweak it.

Zain APN Settings:

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. N

    I cant get to use VOip on the phone! Skype has no calling, just text!
    Trufone doesnt work! But once Google Voice comes out it will be awsome ;)

  2. Bader

    Thanks for the review. I was waiting for it. Appreciate the input.

  3. Jack Bauer


  4. mohammed

    hi, would you know the APN setting for VIVA?

  5. Khaled

    I think the European version has multi-touch

  6. The M Code

    This looks delicious, although Steve Jobs was quoted saying, “We did not enter the search business,” Jobs said in reference to Google. “They entered the phone business. Make no mistake: they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them.” I can’t wait to see what Apple has for us next.

  7. pankaj


    Can you advise where to get a screen protector for Nexus one in kuwait. Have you already got for your Nexus.


  8. JayQ8

    1. Google released an update to enable multi touch, and fix 3G problems. (UK version has multi touch already)

    2. Speaker is NOT low, stock ring tones are low. upload your own ring tones.

    3. There are several ways to save battery life, including task management software and under clocking CPU speed while in standby.

    Requires rooting the device + software.

    having the fone for 3 weeks now .. I cant fault it.

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