Mariah Carey ft. Nicki Minaj – Up Out My Face

There is no doubt that I’m a fan of Mariah Carey and her songs are fun and I enjoy. I also think she is pretty hot, she has had her phases but her voice is amazing especially when she has the hip hop thrown into the combination with her vocals. This isn’t one of her biggest songs but still fun. I still can’t believe that she is married to Nick Cannon, still doesn’t make sense.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. She went, “Hey Nickie, wanna hop on the wagon babe? Comes cheap, I’ll pay your college tuition”. He went, “Sure doll, as long as we get a brutal divorce afterward and raise the publicity hits – let’s get hitched hot mama!”

    And they live a hollywood happily-ever (so) after.

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