Golden Eye – Game & Movie


When this movie came out I was dying to go see it in the theater, I remember being so impressed with Pierce Brosnan he automatically became the number 1 Bond for me. Sean Connery is the original and can’t be replaced, but Brosnan was the modernization of Bond with the end of the Soviet Era and Cold War. There were a lot of firsts in this movie, it didn’t follow any of Ian Flemings books, M was female for the first time, and the introduction of the BMW as Bonds car as a replacement for the for the Aston Martin, I remember BMW having those BMW Films which were meant to coincide with the release of a few of the Bond movies. It wasn’t the movie that was great, the video game was something else as well, the movie introduced Brosnan as the new slick Bond who can handle any situation or woman.

The video game was something else, it was unexpected, I for one remember it as one of the games that really introduced me to the First Person Shooter. I remember begging my mother for Nintendo N64, and she brought it with this game as I asked, I spent hours upon hours playing this game, we all took turns with the lowest scorer switching out with the other person. I didn’t step out much since I always had high scores, I fell in love with the first person shooter and we played that game for a long time, even played it during college which was a little old by then but still the perfect game. The AI was predictable but it made you feel that you were that much better, but you had to act fast. Lots of people still agree that it is still one of the best First Person Shooters of all time, Golden Eye was for the N64 what Halo is for XBox. Found memories of this game and movie, I always love Bond movies.

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  1. GoldenEye is my favorite Bond movie of all time. I agree with you GoldenEye was the ultimate first person shooter of its time, I remember spending hours on 00 agent trying to unlock Aztec Complex and Egyptian Temple. The soundtrack was amazing too, thanks for the post it brings back memories.

  2. K_

    i remember going to our neighbors house just to play this game :D

  3. Mr.Mo

    Ahhh yes, the good old days!

    Goldeneye on the N64 paved the way and set the bar high for future first person shooters, by far one of the best games on the N64!

    Thanks for the great post and memories :D

  4. golden eye 64….

    good times….good times

    i use to manage to finish some levels without firing a single bullet :>

  5. There’s a Half Life mod for GoldenEye and it looks promising: Link.

  6. psytrance

    luved the movie ,hated the game.awesome movie soundtrack

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