Zain Roaming Blackout


This has probably been a disaster for any Zain subscriber over the last three days who has been using his or her phone outside of Kuwait. I got numerous calls from family members over the weekend from strange lines to check with Zain why did they disconnect their lines, I called up Zain to ask about different people and a few were even with Zero balance. Now they told me they were having a small glitch in their system and they will be back up in a matter of hours, I conveyed the message, usually that means 3 to 4 but even 10 hours later it was still the same situation. I called numerous techies of Zain and they kept telling me the nothing is wrong with the lines, but they are making a slight upgrade which could have had an impact on roaming Zain subscribers, so another story this time. The third time I just went to the one at the airport and those guys were swamped, turns out it was a company wide problem not just a few people for the last three days. Then the guy at the counter told people to contact the Ministry of Communication as it was their problem. So Zain did something to mess up all roaming calls, or pissed off somebody at the MoC, or MoC did something that damaged ONLY Zain’s roaming lines. Yet all Viva and Wataniya customers were working fine, for those who were expecting business calls or contacting family or any form of communication through a Zain line was practically out of luck. What ever the problem I’m surprised its still some what of an issue and at the end as usual the customers bore the grunt of the damage, I doubt Zain will offer them anything to compensate some of these damages.

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  1. I received a msg saying that the blackout was due to the severed cable last week? what is it Zain?

  2. m

    zain zbala. the problem is, they KNOW they are garbage yet do nothing to correct anything. im planning to disconnect my zain line. id rather have no line than have one with them.

  3. Each one of the three telecoms has a special international gateway to carry international calls from/to Kuwait, and they’re totally managed by MoC. If a gateway is screwed, look for MoC’s involvement!

  4. Kuwaity

    it happned to me when i was in Dubai, but thank god i’ve got a spare prepaid wataniya line and it was working.

  5. my parents were traveling to Dubai and they faced the same problem. i called 107 and they explained to me in a professional way that there was a damaged cable in the UAE that affected the roamers . bad things happen to everyone and we must be wise in how we judge things. i completely understood from 107 that it was not Zain’s problem that a cable in the UAE was damaged. Zain dealt with the problem very fast. they fixed the roaming problem within a couple of days. we should thank them for their efforts and not only attack without knowing the complete story.

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