Stolen Credit Card – Again


It seems Dubai has turned into the Center of Credit Card thieves and credit card fraud, I got a call from the bank late Thursday night if I made transactions in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and a few online transactions. The amount was 460 KD, I told them I only used my Credit Card once in an ATM in Dubai at a National Bank of Dubai ATM in the Mall. How in the hell could my card have been copied from that terminal, I honestly looked at it and scrutinized it and I still got taken. The bank said it isn’t a problem and they will clear it up, I won’t get charged but they found the transactions to be odd. I use this credit card once in a blue moon, so all these charges seemed odd to them. The first time it happened with my NBK Check Card and that was a huge inconvenience, since they changed my account numbers and all the details, but this time it was my credit card. I try to travel with sufficient cash to Dubai but sometimes I have to use my credit card and I decided to use my credit card instead of my check card so I’m lucky that the amount wasn’t huge and the bank reacted quickly. They told me two days for a card replacement and I will be able to use the card normally.

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  1. Stubborn

    “Mecca” is not an appropriate name to address a main place or location. It has its distinction as a holly place, and other places cannot be used as similar points of interest to demonstrate the issues.

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  2. Bader

    Sorry to hear that man. Thats one of the reasons I still use my prepaid credit card.

  3. Stubborn – Point taken and rephrased, but you do realize it has a definition for a being the center of something. But I do respect your point! :D

  4. i only use cash money. straight up

  5. Sorry to hear that.

    I use my CC all the time! I will check the transactions more often… and will read the SMS messages for a change.

  6. credit cards are needed. Sadly, CC theft cannot be avoided wold-wide. they’re trying to avoid them by installing the chips in the new cards.

    make sure you apply for a claim to cancel those transactions.

  7. Ali

    This is a huge inconvenience to everybody. Imagine if you live abroad and this happens to you ! First of all, you wont get a call and second its extremely hard to get the card shipped over to where you are.

    This is happening more often, it has already happened to me twice and my wife twice.

  8. Kuwaity

    NBK is good when u have problems, So I don’t use anything but a Credit Card.

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