Iron Man 2 – War Machine – Hot Toys

Since reading Iron Man back as a kid I always considered War Machine to be the bad-ass version of Iron Man, “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later” type of guy who would use that ridiculously powerful suit. Now Hot Toys has went ahead with a Iron Man 2 movie detailed model based on War Machine and Don Cheadle, it has all the weapons and arc reactor that lights up. I think this is an amazingly detailed model that shows all the features of War Machine, but I’m not a big fan of the moving types of toys, I prefer the stationary kind for display purposes, but nonetheless this is one cool model. It supposed to be released towards the of Q2 2010 or beginning of Q3 but no pricing announced yet.

Link: GeekTyrant

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  1. bin3636: I haven’t since it hasn’t been released! Not until end of 2010

  2. A.Albaz

    I never knew that the man behind the suit is black.

  3. Steve Johnson

    How could you prefer the ‘stationary model’ to this. Those models are never more detailed than these. More importantly you are not stuck with the pose chosen by the sculptor, you can pose it in any pose you choose. I personally can find a much more dynamic pose for a character than you find in a respective sculpture.

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