Vital – The Most Comfortable Slippers I Have Ever Worn

I don’t really go shopping for clothing too often even less for shoes, I buy something and use it for years before I get something new. I have had an issue with my sandals for the past year and after asking what is the most comfortable sandals for daily use with the dishdasha I was recommend Vital. I have had these sandals for about four years now and they were supposed to be changed at least a year back but I decided to go this week to see what I can find something new.

I found the store just opposite Office Depot in Avenues, and there were more sandals then I knew what to do with them. I knew what I didn’t want, I hate the shiny leather type, and I was looking for something that I can wear everyday and go to official functions with. I tried one grey and one brown one, and they were so amazingly comfortable, I wasn’t expecting it to be. The leather was so and the sole was perfect, it was so good I ended up buying three pairs, one brown, one medium grey and one black. I will be abusing these sandals for a while, and they were 59 KD each for a total of 177 KD, it was a bit on the expensive side but I know I will be using them for years. The leather was really soft, it was so comfortable I asked the salesman to throw the sandals I was wearing and wore one of the ones I just bought right away and walked out with a bag with two pairs, while wearing the third pair and going to buy a small original yogurt from Pinkberry.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. They do look comfy. I had ones that I loved from Hush Puppies but not as lucky as you – they don’t make them anymore :[

  2. Mansour

    True very comfy, but the surface gets black quickly! although i always keep my foot shiny :P

  3. e7mood

    and not ugly at all ;p

  4. jaja

    Mansour: It gets black because -afaik- it acts the same way as those detox patches, in a way it’s supposed to be good for your health, hence the high price; the black marks go away after a few hours too.

  5. Lol @ Pinkberry… A must stop.

    I’ve gone off wearing sandals… I wear shoes even with dishdasha… Beach flip flops if I’m by the pool or at sea :)

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