Kuwait Female Police Officers

Kuwaiti female police officers during the graduation ceremony of the 36th batch of police officers at the Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah Security Sciences Academy today 24 March 2010 . Only women who have a university degree can graduate with a diploma in police officer studies and will acquire the position of Lieutenant

This is honestly something to be very proud of, at last Kuwait is moving forward in this field. I’m sure there are a lot of females who are motivated to join the army and police, and I think they can only make things better in this aspect. Some of those women look like they are ready to shoot and ask questions later, and some look bigger then the men. Some of the females have higher ranks because they graduated from University and then went into military education which automatically gives them a higher rank then a lot of the men.

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  1. Hamad

    Bravo wallah. Proud of them!!
    Ya36eekom el 3afya.

  2. First i would like to say that i’m proud to see women in the armed forces. Allah wafighom inshallah

    Second comment is to the “moron” drill instructor who taught them that the person behind you should have the gun pointed towards your head. You could see this in the first and fourth picture. They should be facing opposite each other “back to back” to cover the front and rear.

  3. Nice pictures for my cousin!
    will send them to her :)

  4. وين الله يوفقنا ؟
    خلصوا الرياييل بالديرة
    لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله

  5. Hamad – Agreed!

    NE – I think its just for the show!

    Ra-1 – Congrats to your cousin, wish her the best success! Tell her our hopes are with her!

    Hornet – You are mistaken taking women lightly

    Layla – Agreed!

  6. Talal Al.S

    K girls did u have fun playing dress up? now let the real men take over and go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich

  7. This is great. To see cops with arms first and that too women!

    Finally patrol police in Jahara will have a backup.

  8. Migrin S.

    Talal, why dont u put on a thong for me, and fix me a sandwich, you dumb dumb misogynistic fu3k.

  9. Talal Al.S

    well ur asking me to do the same thing of what this pic is showing girls wearing mens cloths and u want me to wear a thong huh and wow nice language,ur some one who supports this? its good to look at the people who support these type of things :)

  10. This is a huge step in the right direction for Kuwait in my opinion. I sure as hell wouldn’t mess with them lol

  11. mentabolism

    does any one think camo face paint would make them look more dangerous than with eyeliner on? not that i’d mess with a woman with a gun..!!

  12. Bravo!

    so proud!

    But my concern is will they wear those beanie hats in the blazing heat?? if they do then god help them!

  13. Great shots. The ladies look good in the black uniform. Hope this step continues positively.

  14. لا ياخذك الشكل يا صديقي هذيل لو يمر فار تحتهم يتحول العرض الى عرس عسكري صدقني …الله يستر لا يدشون الجيش

  15. Hey, I wish to marry a Kuwaiti girl ;-)

  16. Shakar Sawan

    these police girls r sexy,
    i would love to undress their bra her and fuck their boobs

  17. Raed Qutena

    I am the photographer that shoot this photos , i wish that at least you write my name there….

  18. Me


  19. BJ

    Sorry, but I was a police officer for almost 10 years and these ladies don’t look like they have a clue. I wish them the best, trailblazing into a man’s world is hard work and not for the faint of heart. I just think that Kuwaiti women, by nature, are too prima donna and will give up. Look at their hair and nails.

  20. رائد Raed Qutena

    أنا إللى مصورهم Iam the photographer

  21. Abdullah Al Salem

    As if kuwaiti women were not scary enough!

  22. Rashed Al Rashed from Surrah

    The second photo, second from the right….looks like my uncle Jamal

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